A Sacred Weapon

Jun 26, 2022    Alex Sergio

Hey everyone!

If you weren't able to join our worship service, Alex Sergio delivered our message for today! We're going to start posting just the sermons up on our app and website instead of the entire service.

Resources List for Alex's Sermon
Down below are the resources and scholars used by Alex to help write his sermon. If you'd like to study or do your own deep dive into the content, feel free to check the resources below!
- Sex and the Single Savior By: Dale B. Martin
- Transforming By: Austen Hartke
- God and the Gay Christian By: Matthew Vines
- Bad Theology Kills By: Kevin Garcia
- Us Verses Us By: Andrew Marin
- Unclobber By: Colby Martin
- Check out the "The Reformation Project" Youtube Channel
- The Bible for Normal People Podcast (Episode 173 Cheryl B. Anderson: The Ethical Impact of Biblical Interpretation)

For the foreseeable future Barb and Alex are working on new microphone placements so that we can get consistent sound quality from our services. Please always let us know if sound isn’t working properly.
If the service isn't loud enough for you make sure to turn up the sound as much as you can on your end, and we’ll work on fixing it for next week!

If you want to join our worship services live, you can join our Facebook group to catch our Sunday morning live streams every Sunday morning. You can do so by clicking the link below!

Hope you enjoy the online sermon.