For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

- Matthew 6:21

Why we give.

First off, we want to thank you for being generous and considering giving to our church. Giving is something we expect of our members. If you're a guest we encourage you to not feel pressured to give. Once you do feel comfortable giving to our church you can be assured your giving will be put to good use. We use the giving donations for many things here at our church. To help fund our ministries, to help fund our outreach initiatives, to help upkeep our church, and many more things. For more information about how to give, keep scrolling on this page to view some giving options. 

Ways To Give

Give Online

On this page is a our easy access for you to give. You'll specify a ministry or missions to direct your money, you'll select how often you'd like to make this donation, and lastly you'll enter a dollar amount below.  Thank you for your generosity and supporting the ministers/ministries of our congregation. 

Give In Person

Every Sunday when we gather there will be an opportunity for you to give in person. We'll pass the offering plate as well as collect prayer cards. If you'd like to give in person you can find our times of gathering at the bottom of each page. 

Mail A Check

If you'd like to mail a check, our address is available at the bottom of every page on our website or you could go to our "Contact" page and find our address there as well. 

Give Directly to the Covenant Cupboard!

The Covenant Cupboard is a BIG part of Covenant's mission. We're feeding around 500 people a week and the numbers haven't been slowing down! If you'd like to give to this incredible ministry directly, you can do so by clicking the giving button below. Down below is also a link to their website for more information.
Thank you for considering giving and bolstering the many ministries that happen at Covenant Presbyterian! 

Have questions or need help?

Use the Contact form below to reach our church office for any questions you may have.