Statement of Inclusivity

Covenant's Statement of Inclusivity

We are committed to be a scripturally faithful church that reflects the heart of God and the attitude of Jesus Christ towards those who are marginalized. We will not only seek but embody nothing less than the full inclusion and full participation of all God’s people in God’s church regardless of disability, economic power, ethnicity, race, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, mental health, physical health, or neurotype.

Why have this?

We at Covenant wanted to have a statement like this because we are well aware that there are people, who are products of God's diverse creation, that aren't accepted in all churches. Not being welcomed or accepted in community causes harm to those who may not fit into what society labels as "normal". And we know that there are tons of people who, even after being rejected from churches, want a place to belong.

Scripturally Faithful

A statement like this fully aligns with our church's and denomination's theology and understanding of the Bible. If you have questions about that or are curious as to why we take this stance, please take the opportunity to visit the PC(USA)'s website or email one of our wonderful people on staff to hear their thoughts and study around this topic.

Covenant's Goal

  • Our goal is to open our doors and extend our arms into love and acceptance. 
  • Our goal is to use this statement as a helpful reminder to our church to always act in love and understanding as we look at God's diverse creation.
  • Our goal is to welcome and accept all people who need a place to belong.

Our Hope

Our hope is that this statement helps people to feel welcome in our doors.
Our hope is to continue learning as God's diversity broadens our horizons. We know we won't do things perfectly with everyone. We'll work to pursue ways for our church to be more welcoming.
Our hope is to continue growing God's community in love, acceptance, and understanding.