What We Believe

"The Kingdom of God is present on earth whenever life accurately reflects the will and sovereignty of God.
It is the way life and society would be if a compassionate God were in charge"
- Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer

Covenant's Mission Statement

Covenant Presbyterian DTC’s mission is to creatively celebrate the Triune God by cultivating a deeper knowledge and commitment to Christ that connects a vibrant congregation of inclusion and belonging to the wider community with care and compassion.

What We Believe

A Glimpse at History

Covenant is a member of the Presbyterian Church USA. Our theological roots go all way the back to the Reformation when the protestants broke away from the Catholic church. Our essential tenets were formed to re-create the church and correct the mistakes of the past.

Non-hierarchical structure

Presbyterians emphasize the “priesthood of all believers”. There are no priests who have authority over us. We are all equal in the eyes of God, with equal access to God. Our leaders (elders) are elected by the congregation and share decision-making with the pastor.

You Have a Right to Your Beliefs

We believe that “God alone is the lord of the conscience”. God has given you the gift of judgement and the freedom to use it. Presbyterians do not see the world as black and white with easy right or wrong solutions. We know that life is messy but that God is in the mess with us. The church exists to gather God’s people for worship, encouragement, and service to others as we seek our future together.

The Centrality of Christ and the Scriptures

Our foundation is Jesus Christ and our bearing comes from the bible, which we view as the inspired Word of God. The reading and preaching of the Word is the focus of our worship. We believe that all scripture must be interpreted within its historical context and thoughtfully applied to life today.

We are all Connected

Presbyterian Churches do not operate in isolation. We are all connected to each other and share common ministries. Pastors and ruling elders gather regularly for support and the common work of the regional and national church.

For More Information

If you'd like to take a deeper dive into the theology and history of the broader PC(USA) denomination, click "Here" to be directed to the official PC(USA) website where all of that is outlined.

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